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More often than not, my day carries a conversation that gets me laughing or keeps me laughing.  Some of them, I might never repeat ever again in my life (to save embarrassment), but most of them, I’ve got to start writing down and sharing.  Especially now that I am starting to have some funny ones with Judah.

Here’s one from the other day …

Me: “Judah what should I make for dinner?”
I ask him, not really expecting an answer but sincerely hoping he will give me an inspiration.  Judah does not answer, he just stares at me blankly.
Me: again I ask, “Juju, what do you think I should make for dinner?”
And again, I get no answer.  Now, I don’t really care if he gives me an idea.  It’s been a long day and I guess I just want to have a conversation with someone(!).
Me: “Judah, what should I make??” 
Judah: “Babies.”

Serves me right for asking a 18-month old.

pic pix: this little man taking a fascinated interest in the penguins, 27.Dec.2013, Calgary Zoo

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