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embrace it.

There’s a lot to be said about going through the process of change when a newborn enters your world.  So much, that I can’t even remember it all (and I just had this little fella 8 weeks ago!).  Even approaching Hunter’s birth, I felt like I was somewhat prepared as to how the transition and change would be mind blowing.  Wrong.  Balancing two babes and experiencing life with a newborn once again has been more than just “mind” blowing … it’s been “life” blowing!

I guess I DO have a knowledge this time around – the fact that I know that this particular stage (newborn) will pass.  I know that he’ll start eating solids, he’ll learn to walk, he’ll be able to communicate better with me for his needs, etc. … he won’t be a newborn forever.  Night time cuddles will not be as long, the cute coos and sounds will become words, his darling little feet and hands will become more independent, etc. … he’ll become my little boy.

That very thought pushes me to embrace, willingly.  Wrapping my arms around this little babe that will only ever be a newborn once.  And yeah, everything in life right now takes way longer just because this precious boy wants to be held and loved on all the time.  But all of these extra moments to accomplish “important” things are worth sacrificing for if I can hold on to these tender moments with an embrace.

Like any other stage in life, we only get to live it once.  My current stage right now is Hunter’s newborn stage.  And so, instead of focusing on what I can’t do because my ‘hands are full, I’m going to love on him.  Squeeze every last ounce out of him.  I’m going to hug him and be enraptured with this time like nobody’s business.

I’m going to embrace it.

pic pix: our facetime selfie, 02.Jan.2014, at home

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