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colorboard / no.23

color: peanut-ish brown with aqua
word of inspiration: comfortable [n. physically relaxed and free from constraint]
source of word: When I’m most comfortable, it’s usually when I’m wearing a peanut leather something with a splash of aqua.  This would be confirmed if you could only see how many pairs of earrings I own (and wear a LOT of) with this combination!

/1. beautiful lines  /2. water-color has my heart … feathers too  /3. this couch  /4. Pendleton blanket, sign me up  /5. mug cozy  /6. i may have just done this  /7. nice accent for my home  /8. up-cycled vintage blanket into these cuties  /9. i think i need want this bag  /10. got one of these for my husband last year – little lion man  /11. moccasins for this mama  /12. i’d like to sport this

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