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a redo.

redo: [v] riːˈdu – do (something) again or differently.

Tonight was supposed to be different.  I had plans with a friend that fell through and was feeling pretty bummed that I wasn’t going to get out (friend, if you’re reading this, please don’t feel bad!).  My attitude about the evening was still crummy as my husband shooed me out the door so that I could have some “me” time…with Hunter.  “Whoop-de-doo, if you’re by yourself with a baby, what do you do?!”, I grumbled to myself.  Yea, I had a bad attitude, because there really is a ton to do if it’s just you and one baby(!).

After I got in the vehicle, I felt I should call a friend to see if she was free.  That she was, and I went to pick her up.  Redo no.1.  We then decided to go to the thrift store.  Redo no.2, as that was what my girlfriend and I were going to do initially, before plans changed.  My night was proving to be a wonderful redo of what hadn’t actually happened.  To top things off, we were out thrifting: the act of rummaging through a bunch of other people’s stuff to buy and ultimately redo the item’s life in your closet/home/etc.  The redo no.3 of the evening.  

Ironic, maybe.  But, the parallel of thrifting and my chance to have a redo tonight … exactly what I needed to give me perspective.  

“There is nothing done or said that can’t be forgiven…” – Matthew 12:31

Daily, I take the redos and do-overs of life for granted and do not put any special emphasis put them.  Being forgiven and given the chance to live my life freely and openly is honestly, the biggest redo in anyone’s life, guaranteed.

If I could do over my evening and have a better attitude, I would.  But I can’t.  So instead, I embrace the forgiveness and opportunity I had to have a redo … and again thank God for His grace to allow me to live life differently with Him.

pic pix: thrifty finds from tonight, 16.Jan.2014, at home

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