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Judah West: my doors, cars, and keys guy. Hunter Elias: what a sweet little lounger he is.

happy weekend.

Palm Springs … wow, you’ve got some pretty ace weather, beautiful scenery, sweet rental places, and, you’ve highlighted some pretty cute moments of my boys (“hashtag”

three years ago…

My life changed. My name, my living arrangements, my family, my future…all got redesigned, transformed into what now is part of my everyday life.  The beautiful life I get to live with the


Judah West: I told him to get ready for Palm Springs.  He then put two jackets on and kept saying, “Pool.” Hunter Elias: This little guy will have a big conversation with just

a love for every crook & cranny.

In less than 24 hours we will be on the plane, headed for Palm Springs!  I am a little on the nervous side, but more on the excited side to be travelling with two littles.  Keeping my fingers

happy weekend.

Joy does not simply happen to us.   We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.  Henri J.M. Nouwen pic pix: my favorite birch patch, 13.Feb.2014, Fish Creek Provincial

our day in pictures.

1. juju’s portrait of me.2. after being stuck days inside, i thought we’d get out…to target!3. gorgeous day for a walk4. he insisted on wearing his

colorboard / no.25

color: dash of cinnamon with ink blueword of inspiration: order [noun. methodical or harmonious arrangement]source of word: Order is what exists before you start arranging


Judah West: the new “I’m-too-full-to-eat-my-dinner” expression.  never see this when treats are around.Hunter Elias: we learn more and more about his colorful expressions

free and whole.

This is my view presently … just kidding.  Wish it was!  Instead, I’m in bed. I’ve been fighting a migraine the past two days and it is ugly this time around.

mornings like these.

Yesterday was the three month hump … our sweet baby Hunter is now 3 months old!  (his 3 month post coming!)  I remember this point with Judah.  Things began to feel

overheard / 3

Sitting at the dinner table the other night … Judah looks at me and says, “Mama, hot.”He then looks over to his ‘A-boo’ (Auntie Boo/Brittany), “A-boo,

thoughts. things.

MEALS. Meal planning is still really new to me.  I’m the type of person that LIKES to be creative at 4pm and “whip” up something with the ingredients that we have.


Judah West: sleep has been rough with this guy this week … so this is a “gold” shot in my eyes.Hunter Elias: this little wiggle worm wasn’t helping me get a clear,

happy weekend.

“There are times when we stop, we sit still.   We listen and breezes from a whole other world  begin to whisper.”  James Carroll pic pix: a summer shot at my desk,


Seriously, I am so in love. These boys rule my life.  My energy, thoughts, emotions, and actions are all put into their very livelihoods, and I love it.  Every squeal, giggle, coo …