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Meal planning is still really new to me.  I’m the type of person that LIKES to be creative at 4pm and “whip” up something with the ingredients that we have.  Unfortunately, I’m finding at this stage with my kids, I seriously do not have time to do that.  And if I do leave it until the last minute, let’s just say meals don’t have an finesse or real “yum” factor to them(!).  So, within my meal planning mode, I decided to prep all the meals today.  I cut and prepared all the meats for our dinner meals, chopped and diced vegetables, grated cheese … I’m hoping it will make a difference for meal times this week.  If it serves me well, I just may be doing this every Monday (my official grocery day)!
The other day, a friend on IG posted a picture of tulips.  Since the moment I saw them, I knew I would not be happy until I had a bit of spring on my own kitchen counter.  It truly is amazing how something living can make a whole room feel fresh and “spring”like.  Thanks for posting that picture!
And no … I am not referring to Hunter here!  I picked up this Mamaroo off of kijiji last Friday.  So far, it hasn’t disappointed and Hunter is enjoying the way he “rocks” out in his special seat.  I must admit, it feels so techy and space-like compared to all of our wooden toys and books … I’m still not totally convinced it’s “us” per say.  We’re going to keep it around for a bit to see if it’s a real fit for Hunter too.  Either way, it is pretty cool.
Matt and I are attending a parents course this week (called PG – Parental Guidance).  Tonight was the first evening, and so far, really good.  It’s pretty neat how as we’ve become parents, we appreciate our parents and understand them that much more.  Life has a pretty cool cycle that way …

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