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colorboard / no.25

color: dash of cinnamon with ink blue
word of inspiration: order [noun. methodical or harmonious arrangement]
source of word: Order is what exists before you start arranging things. ~ Marty Rubin

/1. loooove this  /2. i am so drawn to these shoes  /3. what girl doesn’t “need” another?  /4. my love of chaises continues  /5. i could wipe my feet on this mat  /6. infinity scarf taking on a whole new meaning  /7. rainy days made happy  /8. my feet belong in these lace-ups  /9. scottish soap company make the cutest soap tins – i may be addicted to buying these!  /10. note cards with tuna fish  /11. another herschel bag (love them!)  /12. one day, i may just do this in my kitchen
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