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links & a sweet monday to you.

Good monday morning to you!  Not sure about you, but we’re sitting at a cool -13 degrees celsius … lovely spring weather(!).  Our weekend was busy and our week is starting to

this tuesday / 01

For some reason, I find Tuesdays harder to get into than Mondays.  We seem to be more prone to getting sick on Tuesdays, testiness surfaces, it’s usually the day of the week that

slowing it down.

This winter season has really taken a while.  Once again, it’s all white on the ground here and we have colds … again.  Not to be a complainer, but we (as a family) have not been

happy weekend.

“We fill the hands and nurseries of our children with all manner of dolls, drums and horses, withdrawing their eyes from the plain face and sufficing objects of nature, the sun and moon, the

color board / no.26

color: driftwood word of inspiration: spring [noun. the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear …]source of word: Springtime in


Judah West: even with a broken foot, he still has a smile and a happy heart. Hunter Elias: his cuteness sometimes is just too much.

happy weekend.

“If you’re feeling blue, try painting yourself a different color.” – Hannah Cheatem, age 8pic pix: reflections off of my stair railings ouside, Feb.2014, at home

colorfully said & read.

Part of my lineage is french, we live in a bi-lingual country … naturally, I’ve always wanted to be able to fluently speak it.  I took basic french in my schooling years and would


Judah West: sweet cheeky smiles.Hunter Elias: our little teether.

links & happy weekend.

Oh goodness.  Where has this week gone?  We seem to always do that to ourselves – before and after our vacations, we cram our weeks full.  If we always do it, you’d think we


Judah West: post-nap shenanigans. Hunter Elias: post-nap cuteness.

three months …

Ok.  So, where did this last month go?  Tomorrow, Hunter will be four months old and I still haven’t gotten these three month pics up (eep!!).  Thankfully I took these a month ago …

dear joshua tree national park … i’ll be back.

It was SO nice to get away last week to not only relax and get rested but to experience an entirely different beauty than what we’re used to.  About 40 minutes outside of Palm Springs, CA, we