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three months …

Ok.  So, where did this last month go?  Tomorrow, Hunter will be four months old and I still haven’t gotten these three month pics up (eep!!).  Thankfully I took these a month ago … he’s changed so much since.

Wow.  Where to begin!  My life (as a three month old) has taken some pretty cool turns, and I’ve been a lot happier about it.  My mama & papa brought me to an osteopath and whatever he did has helped me be a happier dude!  Before, I thought it was just normal to cry for 4 hours straight every evening (amongst other things) … now, I don’t, and we’re all so happy because of it.  Mama massages my neck every day.  I look forward to it as it makes me feel better.  Who knew little things could change my life like so?!  My parents both seem very excited about all these changes.  Making them smile makes me want to smile more too.
Another thing I look forward to is my older brother holding my hand.  He says we’re “buds”.  I like that.  Everyday, he gives me kisses and says “Hunty” to mama whenever I cry.  I love that guy!  I’ve also come to love the spinny thing on the ceiling.  I hear everyone call it a ‘fan’ but it’s gotta have a cooler name than that.  That thing could keep me entertained for hours …
The other day, we went and got some interesting travelling pictures done [passport pictures].  The man at the store had to wrap me up in a towel and my mama held me up on a stool and wasn’t allowed to have her hands in the picture.  She said I cooperated good and spent the morning at the mall with just me – I must have done REALLY good!  Then, on another day, we had to stand in line for hours just to give someone the picture.  I don’t understand why she put so much effort into taking the picture just so we could give it away.  
There’s so much to still understand, but hey, I’m only 3 months old … I’ve got time to let this all soak in!
pic pix: my beautiful Hunter as a three month old, 09.Feb.2014, at home
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