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links & happy weekend.

IMG_7536PINOh goodness.  Where has this week gone?  We seem to always do that to ourselves – before and after our vacations, we cram our weeks full.  If we always do it, you’d think we would’ve learnt by now!  On top of business, our little Hunter man has been having some sleepless nights (yes, mama & papa too).  All to say, not much down time these past 7 days, but being reminded of how blessed we are to have such rich relationships, friends and family, around us.

Here are a few things that have been mulling around in my head, amongst the busy-ness!

. My sister reminded me how much I wanted Toms when she mentioned she wanted to get Juju a pair.  Initially, I wasn’t that into them, but now(?) LOVE them.  A pair for me, Juju, and Hunty-Bear.

. Judah is into Curious George shows on netflix.  Found some cool “oo-aa” free printable coloring pages. **oo-aa is what he calls it**

. Thinking about summer … dreaming about plans for our backyard.  Looking here & here (and everywhere else!) and pinning all ideas here.

. Doing some research on different teaching methods and activities.  Here’s a site I’ve spent some time perusing.

. Does your handwriting ever change?  From italic-slanted, to straight and even, to scribbly handwriting, all caps, no caps … it seems mine changes like a flavor of the month!  Today, wishing mine looked like this.

. We are getting some company jackets made up with our new logo and cannot wait to get them!!! (logo on this page – sawback builders … our graphic designer is awesome!! check out her work for inspiration.)

. She Reads Truth.  Love these daily devotions.

. A weekend quote to chew on.

Hope you all have a beauty of a weekend!

pic pix: my view two fridays ago, Palm Springs, CA, Feb.2014

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  • March 8, 2014 - 9:44 am

    Mariel - Love the devotionals! Definitely checking out the Lent series. Love you lady!!ReplyCancel

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