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color board / no.26

color: driftwood

word of inspiration: spring [noun. the season after winter and before summer, in which vegetation begins to appear …]
source of word: Springtime in Calgary is rather brown.  But like anything, if you look closer at all the different shades of brown (almost like different driftwood pieces), you see there are many hues, blues, and queues of varying colors.  I actually have grown to love the color driftwood and the season it represents to me.

/1. would love this chair in/outside my house  /2. never enough beads  /3. the colors in this cowhide rug are exactly what i want in my room  /4. matt loves his redwings … these would be pretty sweet for him too  /5. unique little clock  /6. OBSESSED with this dresser/cabinet  /7. watercolor displaying the different colors driftwood can be  /8. iPhone case, love it  /9. i don’t wear glasses, if i did, i’d get these  /10. just admiring how “my” cowhide rug could look in my house!  /11. mancala – have never played, but this board makes me want to try 🙂

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