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For some reason, I find Tuesdays harder to get into than Mondays.  We seem to be more prone to getting sick on Tuesdays, testiness surfaces, it’s usually the day of the week that everything is scheduled on and we can’t make it to everything fun, etc…..  The only way sure fire way I know how to change a crummy perspective is to find a way to be thankful for whatever it is I’m facing.  “It’s never too late to start having a good day,” I’ve been told a time or two.

So here’s the start of my journal of being thankful for the beautiful in Tuesdays.

it’s a new day.
it’s the second night Hunter has slept through (at least 6.5 hours).
I actually feel rested.
we have colds but not bad enough to stop us from getting out.
french class is in 2 hours, Judah’s excited.

I have a coffee in hand – this is going to be good day.

the boys are sleeping.
I am cleaning with the products I bought from Target today (an testing easy trip that was).
thankful my mom was there with us.
despite wishing I was reading or doing something creative, I’m happy to have a house to clean.

wishing I had a coffee in hand.

the boys are sleeping after only a few wake ups to this point.
I got to visit with both my brother and sister tonight while Matt worked on stuff.
my kitchen is clean (after 1.5 hours of cleaning it!) and the rest of my house needs a clean.
we have roast chicken and gravy for leftovers tomorrow.
I’m reminded that even though I got super frustrated at points today, God’s grace fills in where I didn’t/couldn’t show love.
I have a bed, that beckons me (like now).
Matt works so hard (like nights like tonight) so that we can be comfortable.

regardless of some of our hiccups, the bit of crying, the coffees I had and wished I had …

this was a good day.

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