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I read a blogger friend’s post today about how she is coming out of hibernation and ready to blog again (read post here).  Near the end of her post, she said something that rang so true

colorboard / no.28

color: hues of brittany blues (aka – tiffany blues) word of inspiration: my sister, Brittany Danaesource of word: My sister Brittany turned 25 on wednesday {happy

this tuesday / 03

We hit this Tuesday with a bang.  A bad behavioural bang (if ever was/is such thing).  It is the day after now, but I felt like I HAD to revisit it just so I should put to rest it’s

thoughts. things.

This weekend’s surprise party had been coming for a while.  Not only had it been consuming all my extra time running errands, contacting vendors and guests, etc … it was eating up


My whole life, it seems, I’ve gone to great lengths just to be original. A simple but substantiated example, I’ll take you back to the 7 year old Sarah.  As a general rule, kids

because he bends down to listen.

Since Hunter was born, I’d have to say, this has been the craziest, most challenging, busiest, most tiring time of my entire life.  I’ve hit some lows and hard times before, but

colorboard / no.27

color: apple green, charcoal grey, pale blue(s) word of inspiration: fresh start – taking something old and making it new by changing perspective [my interpretation].source

12 – 13/52

12. Judah West: a flying monkey.Hunter Elias: a funny outfitted monkey. 13. Judah West: he’s got his mama’s long straight eyelashes. Hunter Elias: he’s got his papa’s

this tuesday / 02

Lord God come awaken loveCome stir my soul to long for all you areI’m desperate just to have more of your heartCome awaken love~ Hunter Thompson It really was a new dawn today.  The snow