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We hit this Tuesday with a bang.  A bad behavioural bang (if ever was/is such thing).  It is the day after now, but I felt like I HAD to revisit it just so I should put to rest it’s exhausting memory.  Minus the disciplining times (to many to count), the embarrassing outbursts in the store, the “run away from mama at the park” exhibit, the “I can’t believe my child was that rude” moments, there were some beautiful parts that I’m thankful for and do not want to forget.  In no specific order:

. the sweet cuddles with morning milk
. special friends that live out life with us .. right down to grocery shopping together
. our new favorite dance party song
. special grandparents – today Pepe took us out for breakfast
. the 2 hours of fresh spring air that made two little boys very tired at bed time(!)
. the way we’ve been blessed with our business and employees that help it stay in operation
. simple lunches – veggies with beans, peas, & seeds (aka. rice/bean chips, onion hummus, and seedy granola bars)
. the first rain .. no white stuff left behind!
. an early bedtime for this mama
. and this quote for perspective: “I don’t think of all the misery, but of the beauty that still remains.” ~ Anne Frank, someone who really experienced what real hard days were

pic pix: some dance moves with a sweet, focused dancing face, yesterday Apr.2014, at home 

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