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colorboard / no.28

color: hues of brittany blues (aka – tiffany blues)

word of inspiration: my sister, Brittany Danae
source of word: My sister Brittany turned 25 on wednesday {happy birthday!} and she is in love with everything “Tiffany”.  Hence, the reason I see these shades when I think of her.

/1. fossil gorgeous leather band  /2. I love these nifty little players  /3. all of these hues together make me happy  /4. glassy waves  /5. pretty sure my sister would love this clutch  /6. can’t wait to get me a pair of colored peddler pants  /7. I’d like to try this make-up remover – saw it over on bleubird this week /8. I’m loving the two different color pillow cases  /9. summer tumblers – get in my kitchen now  /10. another item my sister would swoon over, kate spade time ticker

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