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I read a blogger friend’s post today about how she is coming out of hibernation and ready to blog again (read post here).  Near the end of her post, she said something that rang so true to me …

I just LOVE documenting life.

It’s as if she has read my thoughts, present and past.

Pictures, ticket stubs, memorabilia, words … there’s just something about recording life makes me excited.  Like I’m making my own life documentary or something.  And probably to my own detriment, I hold onto too much stuff just so “I don’t forget”.

I read a quote one time that said, “If you want to learn what someone fears losing, watch what they photograph.”  At first, I took the quote to heart,  I must fear losing memories.  But revisiting the images I capture, it’s moments I want to remember not moments I fear losing.  They are nothing special, just life.  The words and pictures that I keep and take are for documenting.  Purporting only the facts our lives are made up … nothing fictional, and most likely, boring to most other people.

But that doesn’t really matter.  I just love documenting life.

pic pix: me and my hunty-bear, 19.April.2013, the Juniper in Banff, AB

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