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five and six months …

Apparently, this time of year, I am busy.  Last year, at this very same time, I combined two of Judah’s month-by-month posts as well(!). Onto the little rascal …  Wow …

our [camping weekend] in pictures.

Our weekend was all about these little people … six little people to be exact!  We went with two other families southeast of town for a quick “kick off to the


Judah West: Forever wanting to be outside these days…I love it!  In this picture he is sad because we just came in and he wasn’t ready to retreat in from the outdoors. Hunter

names & and a giveaway. [closed]

There is something about simple art that I just love.  The rawest, shortest, minimalist amount of something can be so full. interesting. captivating.  Writing out a name being an

this mama is.

There really is such a thing called a “funk” after having babies.  Not that I didn’t really believe it, but I never thought that I could be one to go through it.  It’s not


Judah West: some sporadic *humorous* potty training this week.Hunter Elias: he’s been such a character lately … can’t wait until he can tell us what’s so funny!

colorboard / no.29

color: sunshiny yellows word of inspiration: our May weather this yearsource of word: “In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” ~

our {fri}day in pictures.

1. good breakfast today.2. baths at 10:00am sound about right.3. even though it’s rainy outside today, these tulips bring much sunshine.5. IKEA lunch cutie.6. laundry for days years.7. waiting

14 – 18/52

FIVE WEEKS that I have been lazy caught up with everyday life that I didn’t get to posting these pictures.  Thankfully, I did snap them each week, just never got to uploading them and

He will quiet you.

Through Instagram, I heard about a tragic accident that killed a 3 year old boy last Friday.  I don’t know the family, nor had I heard about them before it became public.  After the

learning new balance.

I feel like I might be writing this post for the rest of my life.  Living life involves finding balance – constantly.  It seems that with every new season, we have to evolve our balancing