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colorboard / no.29

color: sunshiny yellows

word of inspiration: our May weather this year
source of word: “In the spring, I have counted 136 different kinds of weather inside of 24 hours.” ~ Mark Twain said it right, weather is a wild one in the spring.  Lately, it’s been a mix of hot days and blizzardy ones … I wake up hoping for the sunshiny yellow ones.

/1. i’ve always thought these flowers were neat  /2. chair no.1 – glossy yellow chair  /3. bag no.1  /4. pillow says it all, LOVE  /5. i’ve wanted one of these Kmix coffee makers (in yellow) for forever  /6. loving these earrings (local artist too!)  /7. yellow ray-bans? sweet!  /8. perfect summer/wedding shoes  /9. love me some cute linens  /10. this artist … i love what she does! this pattern may be printed on pillows – which i will be buying  /11. bag no.2 – just because  /12. i saw this print in chapters the other day, almost bought it … maybe still will  /13. chair no.2 – this belongs in my home

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