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five and six months …

Apparently, this time of year, I am busy.  Last year, at this very same time, I combined two of Judah’s month-by-month posts as well(!).

Onto the little rascal …

 Wow … to recap all that’s gone on the past two months?  Mama doesn’t realize how hard that is to fit into one post.  I’ll try to hit the biggest highlights for you.

As of my 5th month milestone, I’ve been a big boy, sitting all. by. myself.  I keep hearing Mama say something about me being independent at a young age … I’m pretty sure that means a good thing!  I like to hold bottles, books, toys.  Mostly everything.

Literally 3 days before I had my 6th month birthday, I cut two very painful teeth.  Nobody could have prepared me for that one, ouch!  I really don’t get the point of these sharp foreign objects.  Mama doesn’t let me chew on her finger, even if it’s just for fun anymore.  I guess she finds them pretty foreign too.

Since my last update, I’ve had the privilege of eating like all of you big people!  And let me tell you … it’s been wonderful!  Sweet potato, apples, squash, kale, carrots, I am so excited at meal times when Mama puts that bib on me.  I guess I’m a lot messier than my big brother ever was.  It’s a good thing she puts it on me, because once that food comes close, my clean shirt is not what I am worried about!  Mama says I’m a bit like Papa that way … loving my food like that, that is.

Lately, me and Papa have enjoyed hanging out watching hockey together.  When Judah was born, papa bought him a Chicago Blackhawks jersey.  And for me, well, he got me a my very own Boston Bruins jersey (I guess a cool guy by the name of ‘IGINLA’ plays for them).  They’re my favorite team, ever.  I’ve been rooting for them my whole life (how may fans can say that?!).

My parents are super happy that this thing called “colic” is gone.  I really have no idea what that is, but apparently it left right around the time I turned 5 months.  It must be significant as they tell everyone we visit with(!).  I’m pretty excited for them, and I thought I should share that.

I’ve had a lot of new friends being born lately.  To date, since I was born, there are 8 family friend babies that have been born!  I can’t keep up with them all!  I always look giant compared to them.  Mama says I will at this point, anyways.  It’s just nice to know I’ll be growing up with so many buddies close in age!

Before I close, mama said to end off with some things that I’ve been loving lately: my baths – can never too have many in one day (just like mama, papa says), morning laughs with my big brother, any hard/chewy/rubbery thing that I can sink my gums and teeth into, super hard(!), being upside-down (mama calls me an opossum sometimes), being outside, pulling mama’s hair, and BANANA’s!!!

I’ll be updating you on my next month’s report soon!!


pic pix: my handsome Hunter @ 6.5 months old, May.2014, at home

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    Piccolino - What a cute baby:).ReplyCancel

    • December 5, 2016 - 11:38 am

      sarah nadine - Thank you! I happen to think the very same thing 🙂

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