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Monthly Archives: June 2014

21 – 25/52

Oh. My. Goodness.  Here I go again … not posting my “weekly” portraits.  It’s easy enough to capture these boys on my camera every week, it’s just finding the

project tent trailer – p h a s e 0 1

So, as mentioned before, we got ourselves a tent trailer earlier this month.  As if we don’t have enough on the go(!), we decided to change up a few things to make it “ours”.


We were driving up to one beautiful campsite the other year, and the drive was equally as gorgeous.  Mountains on either side of us, trees, trees, trees everywhere.  The skies were just

camping eats.

We’ve got a few standby recipes that we always seem to go for when camping.  And then some others that I cannot wait to try.  “Easy” can be delicious too, and

colorboard / no.30

color: royal “electric” blue with browns word of inspiration: camping bring-a-longs (aka. needs)source of word: This is one combination of colors that reminds me

back to where i left off : camp stuff.

Hi friends!  It’s been a long week and half since I was last around these parts.  A chunk of time with good and “boo” things.  Bad news first: we’ve been sick.