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back to where i left off : camp stuff.

Hi friends!  It’s been a long week and half since I was last around these parts.  A chunk of time with good and “boo” things.  Bad news first: we’ve been sick.  For a 2 year old (Judah), the inability to move because of a high temperature got very confusing (and yes, that it was).  Poor fella.  Thankfully, Hunter didn’t get sick and Judah got over it pretty quickly…but unfortunately, I had to catch the mysterious fever-flu-bug too.  Boo.  To get through it was another reminder of how “sweet” the gift of health really is.

Anyways, the exciting news … we got ourselves a tent trailer!  Only 2 days after this post, we found a great deal and went to pick it up.  And let me say: I. Just. Love. It.  We decided that before we outfit it and go on any trips, we would paint the cupboards and redo the floor.  So this week, any free time has been working on that.  Before the next camping trip, I’d like to redo the pillows and the curtains too.  I’ll be posting pictures of before and after shots once “phase 1” of our tent trailer reno is completed.
S o  e x c i t e d ! ! !

And as I previously mentioned, I’ll be dedicating some posts to camp stuff coming up.  Here’s some camp links to get you feeling the “I love camping” vibes too!

. these pins – live. love. camp.

. I kind of love collapsible things.  They are so easy to pack (kind of like tent trailers I guess!).  Like this buckettea kettle, camp stool, strainer/bowl, stow-away cupboards, etc.

. i always love these kinds of pictures. source

. a post I did about a hot tub you could bring camping.  I’d still like one…even for our backyard!

. these two notecards for father’s day 1 | 2

. i love camping here.

. and can’t wait to one day camp here.

pic pix: a picture of a picture – early explorers to Banff, Alberta, May.2014, taken in Canmore, Alberta

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