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colorboard / no.30

color: royal “electric” blue with browns

word of inspiration: camping bring-a-longs (aka. needs)
source of word: This is one combination of colors that reminds me of camping.  Maybe it’s these camping dishes or the fact that coolers and a lot of camping equipment is this blue.  And brown, just goes with the outdoors…naturally.  

/1. gotta have a pair of stylin’ kicks  /2. as much as I love bringing the outdoors in, I also love bringing the indoors out! candles are one way.  /3. THIS iphone case  /4. soft soled shoes for my Hunty bear  /5. love this local brand and all of their clothes, and, well, their name is perfect for this post!  /6. nothing like a real mug to drink campfire coffee with  /7. you can have camping accessories  /8. this jacket though /9. some wellies for my Juju bear  /10. a hammock at home & a hammock in the wild  /11. in love with this blanket  /12. I know this bag would be perfect for me camping (with my computer? ha)  /13. a shirt for my man

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