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21 – 25/52

Oh. My. Goodness.  Here I go again … not posting my “weekly” portraits.  It’s easy enough to capture these boys on my camera every week, it’s just finding the time to upload them to the computer and then pick only ONE picture to post each week that is difficult(!).  So, I’m sorry for the catching-up, lengthly, picture post!


Judah West: To have that smile meet in me the morning, makes my heart melt.
Hunter Elias: You love to giggle and laugh, and I can’t get enough of these special moments with you.


Judah West: Just give him the cart and he’ll go!  Having fun at the grocery store.
Hunter Elias: Anything you can get your hands on, it goes in your mouth!  Thankfully, it was just the rubber ducky this time.

Judah West: Today, you learnt that putting an orange in your mouth can make your mama laugh.  So naturally, this went on for a few minutes.
Hunter Elias: It’s all business when we get down to stuff like the bath.  Glad you enjoy relaxing in the water (and playing with simple toys like measuring cups!).

Judah West: You’re looking so dapper with your new haircut, my two year old.
Hunter Elias: Even though you were not enjoying the zoo, you’re handsome face was just too cute to not photograph.


Judah West: Engineering sky-scrapers with your new magnetic blocks brings out a focused side of you.  I can’t wait to see all the things you build in the years to come.
Hunter Elias: Rascaling around on your brothers toys … it’s all the rage these days.  You’ve been exploring and adventuring this week with so much confidence.  You are so brave, my boy.
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