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Well, lately I have been pretty unplugged from everyone – online and in person, alike.  I’ve been working hard at getting our company taxes done so that we could go on our family


Judah West: It was fun to watch you interact at this wedding … you were so intrigued by dancing, yet, didn’t want to break it down (as you have in the past).  You were quite the


Judah West: You, my boy, will do anything for a laugh.   Hunter Elias: You, my boy, love your food in any shape or form or place.

colorboard / no.31

color: chartreuse/blush/navy word of inspiration: BLissss [perfect happiness; great joy]source of word: If I were to have a favorite color combo right now, this would be it.

summer loving.

Though this is where I would like to be any time of the year, I must say, summers here are pretty nice.  It’s not too too hot, no humidity (a good and bad thing), days last until 11pm


Judah West: I never need to ask you to pose, you just naturally have a coolness about you.Hunter Elias: I never need to wonder how you feel, as your face shares it all (and I love it when you

river hangs.

It has been so gorgeous here lately and ok, lets admit it – so very warm!  I’ve been making trips down to the river (as well as the lake and splash parks) and not only have I loved


Officially in the second half of the year … wow.  Time really doesn’t seem to hand out slow down packages!  Here’s a glimpse of the boys from last week.judah west: chewing

God created good.

Summer.  One of my favorite seasons.  Have I mentioned I have four favorites?!  There is a beauty to every season that if you don’t choose to enjoy, you’ll miss it.

thoughts. things.

c a n a d a  d a y This year we decided to lay-low when it came to our nation’s birthday.  Instead of fireworks, we made our own fire down in Fish Creek Park and hung out.  We


Judah West: You are all boy.  Any moving machine/bike/car/you name it, you’re on it.  I love that you and your little buddy “helped” each other out.Hunter Elias: If

seven and eight months …

Choked that I’ve had to combine two months again, but as the age old saying says: Better late than never.  Here’s my heart-stealing Hunter-bear. 7 months Well folks, it’s