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seven and eight months …

Choked that I’ve had to combine two months again, but as the age old saying says: Better late than never.  Here’s my heart-stealing Hunter-bear.
7 months

Well folks, it’s official … I’m a crawler!  My mama can’t seem to get over her excitement every time I go and reach for stuff, and actually move there.

I had my first camping trip the other weekend.  That fresh air was so good for sleeping, I’m wondering why we don’t always sleep outside.  Even though it wasn’t at our house, the rocks, dirt, and grass still tasted the same.  At least out there, I didn’t get plunked in the tub before bed.

Speaking of baths, me and Judah have baths together all the time now.  While he does his thing, I play with the toys and try to stand up by holding the sides of the tub.  It sometimes worries mama, I think.

So, I’m not sure if you knew, but I’ll share with you anyways.  Did you know, if you walk in front of a mirror, there is always someone there to talk to?!  It blew me away the other week, and now I just a find a mirror and talk to that guy.  He’s a good listener and is very attentive to what I have to say.

Me and papa have had the chance to hang out a lot more lately, and I love it.  Now that I’m eating solids, mama has been getting out more without me.  I’m cool with that … as long as it’s papa to take care of me.  We always have a good time together, especially watching hockey.

This summer thing seems pretty amazing … begin outside all the time helps me sleep better (my mama always says ‘Hallelujah’ when that happens).  When I get in that stroller and get moving, no stopping me from a nap time, scheduled or not!

8 months
This month, I’ve had the chance to REALLY get familiar with our new tent trailer.  Mama was doing some work in there and we had it popped up all month (due to the rain).  I’ve taken the liking to pulling myself up on all of the steps and ledges … this must be what they call playgrounds!

My big brother turned 2 and I got to celebrate just as much as he did.  Well, minus that food that everyone said “yum” after they ate with sparkly lights on it [birthday cake].  Although I now get to eat food, I am noticing that Mama & Papa don’t give me everything … so much to learn about things and these silly rules.

I love my alone times with Mama when Judah is sleeping.  All the toys are free reign, and I get to play with whichever ones I want – big boy ones included!  Sometimes, even when Judah is awake, I get to ride on the car.  Right now, it. is. my. favorite.  And anything that makes the noise – vroom!

I’ve also given Papa and Mama some laughs with some of my sleeping patterns.  “Apparently” I do some funny things in my slumber.  For one, I have fallen asleep sitting up and eventually fall over with my rear in the air and face on the mattress (very comfortable I might add!).  They say I sometimes sleep talk and can’t even tell if I am sleeping or awake in the middle of the night.  I’m taking their word for it, but I don’t really know(!).

This month, I also went on my second camping trip … in our tent trailer.  I think my parents were pretty proud of me, to say the least.  I love being outside.  Mama says I almost get as cranky as when I’m hungry (hungry+angry) when I don’t get outside at least once in the day.  So I’m thinking camping is a good fit for me.  So far, they’ve continued to take me and I’m banking that as a good sign!

pic pix: some “clothed” shots, contrary to the typical month-by-month format, July.2014, on Mama’s bed

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