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c a n a d a  d a y

This year we decided to lay-low when it came to our nation’s birthday.  Instead of fireworks, we made our own fire down in Fish Creek Park and hung out.  We brought some smokies, Canada Dry’s & Nanaimo Bars (I used this recipe/idea but did a red-white-red layer instead) – Canadian, eh?!  Since his own birthday, Judah has been interested in “birthday” anything.  So to know it was Canada’s birthday, made him quite happy.

v i n y l  p l a y i n g  f o r  d a y s

I was going to use my birthday money to buy a new Crosley turntable.  But before ordering one, I checked on kijiji, and found one for a fraction of the cost.  I haven’t been able to play my records for quite a while (since we have a needle issue with our other turntable) so it’s been fun to have a vinyl sound around here again.

m y  n e w  n e p h e w

I am an auntie once again!!  Our sweet baby Jaeger Benjamin was born on Sunday and I got to hold him Monday (can’t wait for my sister-in-law to do some more newborn shots and I need to get some decent shots on my real camera – no iPhone).  His skin is the softest and he fits perfectly in my arms!  Please be praying for their family as on Tuesday (only 2 days old), he was diagnosed with (what they are assuming is) a brain infection and is currently being tested and treated.  Considering all he’s been through in his little life so far, he seems to be doing alright at the hospital and each report has been coming back positive – praise God!  Though, there are still a lot of indefinite things at this point.  If you think about him (and his mama & daddy), please pray & trust for his complete healing and peace to overcome their family.

c a m p i n g


We took the tent trailer out for the first time last weekend and …. had an awesome time!  I wasn’t even worried about it raining!  I was just so excited we were getting out!  We camped with 3 other families and my sister.  And though it did rain, it was great to spend time together.

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  • July 7, 2014 - 4:11 pm

    Calista - Camping with you looks like such fun! Congratulations on being an auntie again! What a sweet little one. I hope his health improves – love and prayers for him and his family.ReplyCancel

  • July 21, 2014 - 9:39 am

    Brittany Lajeunesse - this was so fun!! can’t wait to go camping with your sweet family again!! xo booReplyCancel

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