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Judah West: Your imagination is amazing.  I hope you never lose touch with it.Hunter Elias: Your need for adventure is riveting.  May you always put the “epic” in what you

52 project

Though I have not been consistent with posting the pictures for the 52 Project, I certainly have been taking a photo/portrait of the boys every week.  But, instead of filling up an entire post

overheard / 4

After much anticipation, we were finally able to meet our friend’s baby girl, Nia, the other day.  She is such a beautiful baby and the most darling thing to hold (at the stage she still

our weekend in pictures.

And what a great weekend I had.  Being outside, enjoying this last “summer” weekend, and being with my sweet boys and husband … really, after a weekend like this, I cannot feel anything but


Judah West:  Every type of machinery intrigues you.  To whomever thought to add these “diggers” to playgrounds, me and my son are very grateful. Hunter Elias:  Just

i get to choose.

Life. A simple, four letter word with so much weight, meaning, and expanse to it.  It means the opposite of death.  The distinguisher between something dead or alive.  An adjective

none but jesus.

In the quiet, in the stillness I know that you are GodIn the secret of your presence I know there I am restoredWhen you call I won’t refuseEach new day, again I’ll chooseThere


Judah West:  You love reading … and finding little nooks!  (**sneak preview of the almost finished playroom!**) Hunter Elias:  How are you looking so much like a little boy

happy weekend, a green view & some links for you.

This week has been a crazy weather week for us … snow days already, you say?!  Yes, unfortunately so.  I’ve been keeping green pictures on my desktop to remind me how great the


Do you get to a point where you have just had ENOUGH?  Where everything seems to come to a head at one time and that was the last straw/the bubbling over bit/the tipping point?  Oh, you

an afternoon drive.

The other Sunday we took a drive to a favorite little spot that we’ve been to a million times (it seems!) for a picnic hang.  Thankfully, it wasn’t as cold as it is this week


Judah West:  There’s always a new game to play.Hunter Elias:  Your face always has a new story to tell.

colorboard / no.32

color: black/white/wood/gold word of inspiration: balanced perspective +PLUS+ … I accepted the challenge from Chairish to style a board around one of their barstools

nine months …

It’s only days before Hunter is going to be 10 months!!  Figured, I should post his 9 month blurp before then (just following the same “behind” pattern for every other month