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an afternoon drive.

The other Sunday we took a drive to a favorite little spot that we’ve been to a million times (it seems!) for a picnic hang.  Thankfully, it wasn’t as cold as it is this week … nor was there snow!  Yes, the last three days we have seen quite a lot of the white fluffy stuff!  Even though I’ve decided I will be happy in whatever season is coming our way (though secretly, I am not done with summer), these past few days have confirmed that I am not ready for winter yet!!

Anyways, back to our drive …

We haven’t been out to this specific spot since we had the big floods last year, and it is completely different.  The river has changed it’s course, what was once a picnic area is not, caves are a lot deeper (with no water filling them), and the falls are nothing like what they used to be.

But, despite the changes, it was so great to be there with me and my guys.  Picnic dinner in tow, we parked right in what used to be the river rock base, and had our food.  Driving there and back was perfect as it lined up perfectly with the kids’ naps so me and Matt were able to actually TALK!!  And the little walks we took, things we discovered, and conversations we had, were all refreshing and simply good.

So thankful for these little times.

pic pix: our Sunday afternoon excursion, 31.Aug.2014, Elbow Falls, Kananaskis, AB

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