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happy weekend, a green view & some links for you.

This week has been a crazy weather week for us … snow days already, you say?!  Yes, unfortunately so.  I’ve been keeping green pictures on my desktop to remind me how great the snow is for our plants & trees(!).  
Minus some yard clean up this weekend, we are going to be celebrating my mom’s birthday (even though it was in July!), checking out the new apartment my siblings are moving into, meeting our friend’s baby girl (I seriously can’t wait!), and working away on the “play room/space” that I have envisioned (hopefully get some pics up soon!).  It’ll be busy, but I am looking forward to every part of it. 
Some favorite stops from this week …
| i love me a good set of before & after pictures … in love with those mint cabinets |
| this sweater |
| i’d like to get the boys these beanies |
| also, we’d like this knitted bean bag |
| i’ve been super encouraged reading this book |
| absolutely in love with this family’s home decor |
| this butternut squash soup (with coconut milk) looks worth experimenting on |
| i’d like to give the game of backgammon another try – these boards are cute 1 2 3 4 |
Hope you all have a happy weekend!

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