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Monthly Archives: October 2014

tender moments.

Much like this post, I can see that nearing birthdays is going to be a time of nostalgia for me.  These boys are the quintessence of my role as mama and I mean, with cuteness like that face,

colorboard / no.33

color: oxblood / grey / blue tones word of inspiration: embracing the season source of word: In life, seasons are constantly changing.  The only way to enjoy it (whether hard or easy)


Judah West & Hunter Elias: yous are far, the best (and cutest!) kitchen cleaning helpers I have ever known!

creating time.

Lately, I have had no more time to squeeze.  It seems from the minute I wake up, to when I crash for bed(!) every moment is taken with something.  For a gal who loves to be in control of


Judah West: you call this our family park and you especially love this train.Hunter Elias: that smirk just about says it all – t r o u b l e ! !


Judah West: Closet clown.Hunter Elias: Rocking clown.


Judah West: You were very happy to pose for these pictures (with your great Auntie Shirley) and are quite proudly telling the story of how you scraped your nose after you crashed your bike with