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tender moments.

Much like this post, I can see that nearing birthdays is going to be a time of nostalgia for me.  These boys are the quintessence of my role as mama and I mean, with cuteness like that face, how can I think they are anything but perfect?!
This little darling has found a way to take over our hearts.  His smile is seriously the most infectious thing.  And the contagious laughter he can spout out can convince you to give in to nearly anything.  The fun he already knows how to have makes me so proud of how smart he is(!).  He takes on what’s in front of him with such confidence and I can see, he’ll always be a go-getter.  A good hunter.
Hunter Elias, there isn’t a day that I don’t give God the praise for you being in our lives.  You fit perfectly into the you that you were created to be.  I’m so blessed to be called your mama.  I love you so and am looking forward to this time of celebrating you and your precious life. 
pic pix: at the park, last week, Calgary, AB

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