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Judah West: lately, you haven’t been letting me take your picture.  i’m sure glad i was able to sneak this one in! Hunter Elias: trains, trucks, wheels – anything that

friday introductions.

Well, it’s Friday and I think time for another round of introductions!  The question I ask you (to either blog about or answer in the comments below) this week is: What are some of your

thoughts. things.

1. fried eggs 2. what a typical weekday (not cleaning days) look like over here 3. making shortbread (and eating it!) 4. finally got them happy outside, then they didn’t want any pictures


Judah West: you’ve always got a plan up your sleeve … today’s was a motorbike ride with your backpack and an important phone call.Hunter Elias: your smile these days just lights


Judah West & Hunter Elias: today, you guys weren’t really digging the outdoors. but that’s ok … there’s always tomorrow.

joy in EVERY moment.

It’s around 6:05am, my husbands alarm song goes off.  Since this the third time he’s pressed the snooze button, he declares that he is sleeping in a bit this morning. Glory be


Judah West: you exude such a passion for everything you do …  we love that about you. Hunter Elias: there is a face for everything, and there is not one face that I can’t help but

happy weekend.

In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips. ~ Unknown pic pix: my sister (A-boo to the boys) helped with the boys’ halloween costumes last week. we are so blessed to

friday introductions.

There’s this hashtag on Instagram #fridayintroductions where people share their answer from the question these two gals (1 & 2) put out there for you to answer.  I feel like it’s

happy 1st birthday.

I can barely believe it … my Hunter-bear is one!  Parts of me feel like it was way longer ago, and other parts feel like he should only be 2 months old right now.  This year has been the most

frame of mind.

“We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.”  Abraham Lincoln Perspective is a huge element of literally, every aspect in our


Judah West: I am convinced you are going to be one great worker, at whatever you do!  It’s always on your mind to “work” and get stuff done just like papa … it makes my