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1. fried eggs
2. what a typical weekday (not cleaning days) look like over here
3. making shortbread (and eating it!)
4. finally got them happy outside, then they didn’t want any pictures taken
5. morning reflections
6. getting out of bed deliberations
7. bath time is always a good time
8. some of the baked masterpieces

It’s been pretty quiet over here on the blog lately <cricket sounds>, but not here in my house, Daily living been a constant whrrrr, and I am grasping to find simple, quiet moments like pictured above.  Let’s just say, it’s been a dream if I even get a chance to daydream, let alone, get in a deep enough sleep to dream!  

As a family, it’s been a very busy season – one that I’ve loved, but also one that I am looking forward to slowing down in.  I laugh, because, the boys are in no organized sports, school, or any other extra circular things.  Yet, I feel like my life as their mom is b-u-s-y!  What the next 10-15 years looks like is going to be fun(!!!).

pic pix: things around home this week, Nov.2014, at home

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