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dear 2014 …

It’s funny how a traditional season and then a season for all things new are lined up back-to-back on our calendar year.  We spend a whole month (December) up-keeping traditions and


What a cool project this has been.  Some weeks were a lot less creative than other weeks, but it was all about documenting, right?  I’m hoping to make a book of each of their 52 weeks from


 Truth be told, I took these a couple days after this week was over, but I figure they still can count.  I call these shots, “the times I caught their awkward faces”. Judah West: you are

merry christmas!

Well … it’s here.  The most wonderful time of the year! Trusting that each of you will be doing the same, I may be in and out of this space as I’m taking some time to spend with

joy to your world.

 My only “house goal” for the month of December was to have a complete clean on our upstairs floor (where all the bedrooms are).  It’s December 23 … and today, I finally did

this tuesday / 05

8:47am . just hearing Judah stir for the first time this morning – praise hands for a great sleep in . glad I got an hour of Hunter time already under my belt – double praise hands


Judah West: you are always so imaginative.  i hope you never lose that creative, ingenious spark about you.Hunter Elias: you are always so curious.  i love gaining your perspective of life

colorboard / no.34

color: hunter green with gilded gold word of inspiration: reminiscing source of word: Clearly, I just love the name of this color … because of my sweet boy!  But this


Judah West: you take your christmas decorating serious and you do it with much joy.  i love when you have a happy heart. Hunter Elias: all of a sudden, you love hats and want to wear them all

oh christmas tree.

Due to limited time, we weren’t able to get out to the mountains to pick out our tree this year BUT, we were able to get down to Ikea to pick out the very next best thing.  I mean, for

well, hello december.

It’s only December 4, and we already are shoulder-deep in Christmas season busy-ness!  I was writing out our monthly calendar, realizing that the few weekends that are in December are