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well, hello december.

It’s only December 4, and we already are shoulder-deep in Christmas season busy-ness!  I was writing out our monthly calendar, realizing that the few weekends that are in December are nearly full and only to get more compact.  Between balancing our business, church commitments, visiting family and friends and keeping our little family happy, anything extra lately has felt like a mountain to get through.  I’m not here to lament, but maybe vent just a little(!).

Despite the month’s occupied minutes, this is still one of my favorite seasons.  Not only does the world recognize the birthday of my savior, but people’s hearts are so open – to give and receive.  I think in the midst of chaotic traditions (some of which I totally love, by the way) there is just a rawness in each person.  Allowing themselves to feel.  I’ve been praying that my heart would be open to bless as well as receive – sometimes it’s easy to get caught up just prepping and being part of things that I don’t see the blessing people are being TO me.

Like my kids.  Their innocence and pure perspective of life is so refreshing.  We had a rude gas guy come check our lines the other day.  After being here for a bit, he asked Judah what he was going to get for Christmas.  And maybe Judah misinterpreted the question, but his matter-of-fact reply was, “Jesus.”  My mama proud meter was clocking in way off the charts as I heard him unselfishly answer, and the hardened man actually smiled and (I believe) was touched by such an answer from a little guy.  If Judah realized what his answer meant or not, the simplicity he shared it with was not only refreshing to me but that man also.

I know I constantly write about wanting life to be simple … it’s because I do, and I can’t shake it.  I want simple answers like that to be what changes days or even lives.  I want the unembellished rawness of people to be what I connect with.  And crazily enough, even with all the decorations and trimmings of the season, it’s like I said: I feel like people open themselves up this time of year to just be … themselves.

I hope you open up and receive the blessings that this season have to offer … whether if it’s what I love about it or not.  Embrace what side of the spectrum you need to grow in – if that be receiving more or giving more.  This time is meant to be celebrated, so lets!

pic pix: the start of our advent gifts (still haven’t wrapped December 7th and on , 04.Dec.2014, at home

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