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colorboard / no.34

color: hunter green with gilded gold

word of inspiration: reminiscing

source of word: Clearly, I just love the name of this color … because of my sweet boy!  But this combination makes me reminisce much too.  My mom has a glassware set along the lines this one that I am swoony over and always keep my eyes peeled to find one for my self.  So finally, I found a small little vase that was similar.  I’ve used it for little flower buds, as a candy/cinnamon holder and mainly as my creamer.  Until … I broke it this week.  Guess it’ll be something I can remember(!) and I’ll once again be on the hunt for some antique green glass with gilded gold.

/1. because i don’t have enough throws already  /2. feeling this felt hat  /3. i recently won a gift card via IG to this sweet shop and am eyeing up these fabulous feathers  /4. i need this set and it’s counterpart too  /5. if only i could find this a garage sale or something  /6. my kind of locket  /7. always in search of the perfect notebook – love this one  /8. judah picked these out for this board, good taste my boy!  /9. quite like this pullover for moi  /10. and this watch?! wowza  /11. this could be festive, all year round at my house
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