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. just hearing Judah stir for the first time this morning – praise hands for a great sleep in
. glad I got an hour of Hunter time already under my belt – double praise hands because he slept in til 7:45!
. loving that the watch-the-Christmas-tree-in-the-morning tradition carries on.  we really need twinkly lights up all year round.

. picking up cupcakes for our business’ appreciation lunch today – how privileged and blessed I feel to be part of such a thing … a business!
. though wishing I could stuff my face with these cupcakes, I’m just thankful that I didn’t have to stay up even later last night making them.
. thankful that Hunter still naps in the car.  now if only Judah would ….

. praise God for His grace!  still getting past my humiliating last 5 minutes of navigating our way through Toys ‘R Us to find the bathroom as my 2 year old is yelling as loud as he can that he doesn’t want to be takes away from the trucks BUT … I’m very happy that God gave me the grace to smile back at the scowls and that Judah was receptive to my correction (once we got to the bathroom, of course!).

. praising God once again that the line up for check-out was short and that we can leave this happy crazy place.

. loving that nap times have arrived.

. glad that i had at least 40 minutes to myself – good morning Hunty-bear.

. so grateful Matt brought home dinner tonight, and that we are done eating already.
. pretty excited this darling husband of mine us up for a Christmas lights drive tonight.

. feeling pretty awesome that the boys went down to bed quite easily and with minimal fuss.

. it’s nice that the grocery stores are open late so I can grocery shop kid-less .

. love that I’m home from grocery shopping (finally!)
. bonus that my husband will let me vent my grumblings of grocery shopping and tonight’s ecpreirnce.
. it’s cool that i have all the resources I need to complete little jobs around the house.
. we’re so blessed to have food to eat, without even having to think about it.

1:27am (17th)
. happy thoughts about that bath I’m about to have …

pic pix: frosted tree in our front yard this thankful tuesday, 16.Dec.2014, at home Calgary, AB

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  • January 8, 2015 - 5:30 pm

    Calista - How do you get in the bath at 1:27 am?!? Do you ever sleep?ReplyCancel

    • January 9, 2015 - 6:50 am

      sarah nadine - ha! i am a night owl, for sure! some nights i don’t sleep as much as i absolutely should as i can get carried away with projects and things(!). mornings (like right now) are not fun because of it 😐 and plus, a bath is one of the sure fire ways that i will fall asleep immediately … not many nights/early mornings are without! xoReplyCancel

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