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joy to your world.

PIN My only “house goal” for the month of December was to have a complete clean on our upstairs floor (where all the bedrooms are).  It’s December 23 … and today, I finally did it.  To say this month has been busy, is an understatement.  I’d have to say we are coming out of one of our busiest seasons with our business and commitments (since having kids, at least).  Ironic thing is, only 15% of it was Christmas related!  At least the joy in this season has made it still enjoyable.

That has got to be the hugest thing I am learning/growing in lately – how life needs to be joyFULL.  In every season, through each “thing” that seems bigger than life itself there is a choice to experience joy.

As I was finally cleaning our bedrooms this morning (like seriously guys, I have not gone through Hunter’s clothes since he was 3 months!  His closet now only holds what actually fits him…sigh of relief), I got to the baby blankets.  I was just going to leave them out still, but the more I thought about it, I realized that we won’t be using them.  Burp cloths, swaddle blankets, small square fleecy blankets and infant bunting bags really aren’t useful items to keep in any toddlers room(!).  So I started folding them and putting them away, only to get struck so hard by such sentimental thoughts of how “that season” in my life was over (with the boys at least).  Their giggles in the basement over a hockey game they made up echoed up the stairs, and I couldn’t help but smile and cry … because what mama wouldn’t do that at that particular moment?!

As I was holding the blankets and listening to their laughter, I felt stuck in a time lapse.  In between wanting to hold on to the past and yet, jump into the future.  It was then that I realized, “THIS is the present.”

Ok, maybe that sounds a little to obvious to you (or you’re thinking ‘duh!’) and maybe you think I’m losing my marbles!  But when you really think in all reality, how often do you live in the very second you’re in?  Not chasing thoughts of what needs to be done (future) or what wasn’t done (past) but just the very moment.


Just like putting away baby blankets, there is an act of putting away thoughts from the past.  And to not get consumed by what happens next, we need too release all worry and/or fear about what each day holds ahead of us (His perfect love casts out all fear.)

Without joy in your life, you are powerless.  Joyce Meyers

Take a moment right now to be in the moment – away from the past and the future – to find joy and let it affect your world.  Bring joy to your world, not just this holiday season but EVERY moment.

pic pix: a little bokeh from our drive through Spruce Meadows light show the other night, Dec.2014, Calgary, AB

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