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education: enlightened experience.

I have never let my schooling interfere with my education .. Mark Twain

education [noun]: an enlightening experience

How often do we resort back to the rules or “proper form” of something instead of our initial enlightened experience?  Or how we have memorized what things are, such as pain, and have schooled our brains to know what that pain is and fear it before it happens?

I’m not saying that we should go forward with the painful action(!) or throw caution to the wind for that matter, I just wonder how the illuminated fascination for everyday life can seem dull.  Take an infant and think of how amazing each and every day is within their first year – from grabbing a finger to rolling over to tasting new foods … crawling, walking, talking!  Then a toddler, exploring every nook and cranny of a backyard, tasting everything (including dirt), testing strength and will.  Moving along to a child, who thinks of games, learns to read, adventures with friends … where does this wonderment stop?  And why do we let it?

It’s like we’ve been institutionalized.  Schooled within one way of thinking.  We stop asking the questions that create wonder and awe for our Creator.  Get caught up with the adult freedom we anticipate so greatly as kids.  Only to be living our lives, curious-free.

The other night, Matt took me to the movie Interstellar.  (This is not an official movie review, but if a movie can get you to think about it for days after, I’d say it is well done!  If you do see it, be prepared that it is long – 3 hours).  The images of space and how infinite the universe is … blew me away.  It’s like I was learning about space in second grade again, except, this was 1st grade content (as in the highest grade content).  To think of how little we are here, and how big we think our problems are … and then there’s this WOW space above us just working perfectly?  My mind was blown, and I loved it.

Then the other day, I read about how these seniors learnt a new hobby to keep their minds sharp.  The article shares how integrating a new activity into our lives is better for preventative memory loss compared to most computerized brain games marketed.  A [new] hobby: something [new] done for pleasure to pass one’s time.

I think this life is meant to be filled with hours upon days upon weeks of pleasurable enlightenment.  We were created on this earth to explore it, to know it, to be enlightened by it.  To always live our lives with prescribed schedules isn’t always the best thing.  Nor is letting what we’ve been schooled with dictate our education.

If I could say one thing (because I haven’t already said enough!), do something new today.  Discover a new hobby.  Be enlightened!

pic pix: drawing trees in the snow, Jan.2015, front yard

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