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nail polishing.PIN

I am not one to be known as “loving to paint my nails” as I really like think seeing a natural nail is just as beautiful.  But lately, it’s been nice to add a bit of color to my hands and to feel that much more feminine (why it makes me feel this way, I can’t explain!).  I’m a total fan of all of these colors and my most favorite recent buy is called ‘fall in line’.  Love.

concerts in the garage.

PINIf you follow me or our company on instagram, you probably saw some of our company Christmas party pictures.  We set up one end of the garage with all the instruments everyone brought and jammed until the early hours of the morning.  It was SO fun!  So fun, in fact, that my brother-in-law decided to have a concert down there last Friday.  I certainly hope once all the tools are back in there we will be able to host many more concerts (hope you’re reading this Matt!).

year end business.PIN

Speaking of our company, I am our company’s “Administrative Coordinator”.  With lots of things to tie up for our corporate year-end, I have been choosing (ha!) to skip sleeping most evenings just to get things done.  That will soon be coming to a close and as of January 31, 2015 … I will officially be caught up-to-date – the first time in 3 years!  Trust me, even though I am tired, my hallelujah dance is still happening.


Even though I have been signed up with bloglovin for a while now and since I am not blogging from my blogger account anymore, I am really enjoying using bloglovin.  I love that I can save certain posts all in one place (to come back to) and not just leave them marked as “unread”.  And the fact that I can organize “what” blogs are in “what” category makes reading them even more enjoyable.  So if you’re a blog reader and aren’t already signed up, you should do it today.

putting my money where my mouth is.PIN

Since sharing about what “my word” is for 2015 ✖️ i n t e n t i o n a l ✖️, I’ve caught myself talking about it all the more.  It was something I really had to think through as I was publicly declaring it to the world (aka – the friends that read about my little life here).  And because I’ve been gabbing it, I’ve been challenged to put it into practice – daily.  I read somewhere that “growth is intentional and change is inevitable.” I do really want to see growth in all the areas I listed (like pictured – teaching the boys valuable things)… now to be intentional about it!


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