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happy weekend and some links.

PIN‘The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost …’

Eleanor Roosevelt

Although this week has been full of some fun stuff and uh-mazing weather (for up in Canada at least), I am SO looking forward to this evening … where we will just stay home!  Initially, we were supposed to be out again tonight, but I am pretty happy those plans changed and I can be home with just my little family.  We may make pizza – our family fave …

Truly hope you all have a relaxing weekend … with however busy/unbusy you are.  Live it!  And be sure to enjoy these last couple days of January, summer is only 141 days away ☀️!

. Kinda crazy about fruit/herb waters again.  Some simple recipes right here.

. Read this interesting post about people who are chronically late <ahem, me>.

. I literally was just talking to a friend the other night about painting pillows to get the design I wanted (we were looking at these pillows), and then I saw a diy for painting abstract design pillows.  Possible project around the corner…

. How I’d love to visit this beautiful place again.

. My sister got me this new lip color, and I love how ‘silent’ the pigment is.

. This instagram feed is so delicious.  Literally.

. If you’re up for crocheting a baby sleep sack cocoon, here’s a sweet pattern.

. The weather is something we will never get away from basing our conversations around … I just know it.

. I pin the most pins on my  h o u s e  &  h o m e  board … how about you?

. A farmer making ‘art‘ with his cows.

. We always ask Judah (and soon Hunter) what his favorite part of the day was.  Here’s a list of questions to ask toddlers.

. I’d like to try this faux zinc finish on a little table – ya know, in my spare time!


pic pix: wishing we were here, Summer 2014, Sandpoint, ID

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