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Today marks the day of our wedding anniversary.  Today is a day that we began our husband-wife adventures on.  Today … a day I could not be more grateful for. He provides for me and our little

my diy velvet face cream.

As I’ve mentioned briefly here, I am LOVING using essential oils.  Back in September, I purchased a starter kit from Young Living and seriously, have used them every. single. day.  From

hello, new week.

Starting the week off with these “hello week” posts have been great grounders for me.  A lot of people I follow do a “hello weekend” type post which are great (for my reading


Hunter Elias: there is a new snuggly side about you lately … we just can’t get enough of your hugs and kisses that you so freely share. Judah West: even though there are some days i

hello, sweet week.

As to the start of any week, I have great expectations of ALL of the things we’d like to do (if you read my last post, you will gain insight into how I tend to really fill my time!).  While

friday introductions [on a sunday].

If you could gain one quality or attribute you admire, what would it be? I think if there was one main thing, it would a time management skill etched into my life.  There is just something about me


Judah West: you always help your mama out with such a pride that makes my heart swell.  i’m so blessed by your giving heart. Hunter Elias: i wish i could bottle up the sounds of the squeals

build up the right things.

The wise woman builds her house, But with her own hands the foolish one tears hers down.  Proverbs 14:1 It’s so easy to “keep going” with life’s busy-ness and not take the

hello, darling week.

What a week!  Literally, I’ve been looking forward to this day (February 2) for a whole week now.  Our time has been filled with some very good things … it’s just that for us it


Hunter Elias: it seriously feels like yesterday you would only be in the stroller for our walks.  now, there is nothing holding you back from racing ahead with the big kids. Judah West: this day,