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hello, darling week.

PINWhat a week!  Literally, I’ve been looking forward to this day (February 2) for a whole week now.  Our time has been filled with some very good things … it’s just that for us it seems, most of those good things typically happen within the span of a week (ha!).  It’s been so great though – having a spa day, women’s meeting, visiting family, catching up with old friends, games nights, coffees, play dates, errands, getting caught up with housework, etc. – yet, I’m so looking forward to the pace of this week.

. We have two Skype dates to happen this week.  1. With Judah and Hunter’s cousins (as I forgot our scheduled time to call last week within my busy brain mode – so terrible).  2. With my good friend who is living in Kleve, Germany.  (it’s things like this that really make me love technology!)

. In the planner, we have a couple play dates planned for the boys (it does them and me good!).

. Grocery shopping and meal planning today.

. Working out.

. Our weekly life group meeting at our house (a great incentive for me to clean our house!).

. Outside days on the calendar as it snowed this weekend!  It shouldn’t be a surprise for our winters up here, but considering I’ve been wearing flats (barefoot) for most of the month … I’m happy again to have snow to do some of our winter activities.

. Date night (it’s been a couple weeks).

As wonderful as all these things will be (and I am totally looking forward to the pace of it!), these are all things that are for me or my family.  There is an essential element missing….

How am I going to GIVE this week?

You make a living by what you earn; you make a life by what you give. – Wintson Churchill

It’s something that I don’t do enough of.  Go above and beyond my needs to GIVE.  I do all our tasks and important things so I am self gratified.   None of them are bad things, and I do not feel guilty about the excitement I have for our upcoming week.  But … I do feel challenged to take on this week with a different approach.  To change it up within my thinking (and hopefully within my daily life too).  To literally “give things” is not the exact practice I think W.C. was meaning, but, for this week, I feel it might be the right start.

GIVING this week:

. Write a letter to someone we know who needs a pick me up – in a card version.

. Instead of getting a coffee for me, wrapping up a gift card and gifting it to someone else.

. Drop off a birthday gift in person.


How about you?  Would you take the challenge to find a way to GIVE not only to yourself this week but others too?  Let me know if/how you do!


pic pix: winter walks with friends, Jan.2015, Okotoks, AB

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  • February 2, 2015 - 10:08 am

    Calista - Oh, how we love Skype at our house! It’s the only way we get to see my brother and his family {they live in Hawaii} and my parents {they live in Colorado} more than once a year {or sometimes once every two or three years}. I often wish I had a disposable income so I could either fly my family to see us or fly us out to see them.

    Ok, so date night. I’m thinking about this in terms of being newly married later this year. I really really want to incorporate date night somehow into our lives. Any tips?ReplyCancel

    • February 7, 2015 - 10:52 pm

      sarah nadine - date night can get tricky as we have young kids and can’t always get a babysitter. i happen to know that is not the case for you right now! we like to have one evening that is specifically for “date night”. for us, that is tuesday nights. not a typical night to stay out late, but we find that weekend nights are usually when we can do things with our little family (to stay out later) or other friends. when we can’t get out of the house for the evening, we do a “date night in” which could be anything from a) movie night to b) later dinner once kids are in bed c) working on building something together d) scrabble e) dreaming etc. when we do get the chance to go out, i try to put myself in the zone to get ready for our date … as if i hadn’t seen matt all day! it makes it exciting, even if we are just going out for a coffee 🙂 i hope this gives you an idea of where we’re at with our date night!ReplyCancel

      • February 10, 2015 - 4:00 pm

        Calista - It does, thank you! These tips may come in handy in the future!ReplyCancel

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