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hello, new week.

PINStarting the week off with these “hello week” posts have been great grounders for me.  A lot of people I follow do a “hello weekend” type post which are great (for my reading pleasure!).  But these beginning of the week ones have helped me to organize my thoughts a bit more.  At the end of last week, it was such a great feeling to know that I hadn’t set unrealistic goals to accomplish in the week (which is always a fault of mine).  Though, one thing I didn’t write down to do … BLOG!

Anyways, whatever ritual(s) you have to start your weeks, I hope you are hitting them up today with a  – b a n g ! !  Here are some of my goals this week and links that have me kicking off this week with some zest:

. blog

. hoping to plan out the organization of my pantry cupboards this week.  I’m in the market for some new jars/containers – kind of like these 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

. finishing the shopping for my anniversary present to Matt

. meal planning for a dinner I’m having next week – maybe I’ll make some citrus salt as favors (overambitious alert!)

. working out

. calling my grandmas

. using my camera more this week

. getting a good work day (for our business) in

. gonna see if this zesty quinoa salad is as good as it looks

. taking some me-time

. slotting in time to read some more!

. continuing to get up early (6am) and go to bed earlier (11pm)

. bring someone a treat – maybe cupcakes!


pic pix: can’t wait to see some green and visit here again, Sept.2013, Kootenay Provincial Park, BC


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