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colorboard / no.36


color: grey and copper

word of inspiration: pleasant

source of word: “Don’t water your weeds.” – Harvey Mackay [def: adj. pleasing, agreeable, enjoyable].  Why waste time in life thinking and living of unpleasant, undesirable things?  Put your mind on the pleasant things – like this.
/1. now to find a throw pillow like this #need  /2. I got a pear kitchen aid for christmas (which I love!) … but this one (almost twice as much) has always been a dream one though  /3. need these, please  /4. I think I must have a thing with coat racks too, I’m always drawn to them  /5. love  /6.  I’ve always wanted a rain chain … I think a copper one would be perfect /7. for my bike(!)  /8. another riiiiiiing  /9. seriously, how gorgeous is this chair?  /10. not like I need anymore dishes, but these …  /11. can always find a place for a gem like this  /12. oooh!  these would help me workout, I just know it  /13. copper foil print – beautiful  /14. rose gold cutlery, heart eyes for days


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