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Our St. Patty’s Day was a good one … in other words, our Tuesday was a good one.  If you remember my initial “This Tuesday” post, the point of this journal is to be thankful for the any-kind-of-beautiful that happens on a Tuesday (because they just seem to be our hard day).  I’m rejoicing over here because starting it nearly a year ago, this actual Tuesday would not have even seemed fathomable.  God gracing my thankful heart to perhaps like Tuesdays once again(!).

We started off the morning with raisin toast, oranges & strawberries at home.  Had a mid-morning date with the two munchkins – where we ate some more.  Called some friends for an impromptu drop-by … where we were fed some yummy lunch and snacks.  Went home for naps (boys) and a mellow afternoon with the music low (me).  Skyped the cousins (Judah informed his cousins that he was putting his stamped papers in the fridge to keep them cool … ???).  Got dinner ready … ate dinner.  Got the kids ready for bed.

Aaaahhhh.  Today > a good day.

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