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Since I started blogging, I don’t think I have ever had a quiet spell this long between posts.  Lately it’s been a learning/growing/patience building spell(!) and quite frankly, I’m feeling blessed that what I am going through is only a season.  Anticipation of new life at the end of pregnancy is a joy that cannot be written in words.

p r e g n a n c y

Since my revelation of not allowing fears to rule my mind and body (with anxiety and nausea), I have not had a full day where I have been immobilized with that type of sickness.  Actually getting sick and having headaches have been a different story, hence the hiatus here.  All part of the fun, I suppose(!).  We have our first ultra-sound on Tuesday where we will find out how far along we are.  I think I am 15 1/2 weeks today, but who knows, my math has been off before!

g i r l ‘ s  w e e k e n d

I can’t believe it.  I am leaving this afternoon with some friends for a 2 night getaway.  No kids.  No hubbys.  TWO NIGHTS!  As you can tell, I have never done this before (since children, of course!) and I am pretty stoked.  Hoping to get some rest, get filled up with my sweet friendships, and maybe read – a rare thing I’ve gotten to do lately.

One of my favorite bloggers/internet role models (ok, let’s just say I like Bethany a lot!), shared a post a month or so back about packing for a minimal weekend bag.  I’ll be using her list right after I’m done writing this post!

p i c n i c s

This pregnancy, morning sickness has literally happened in the morning and has been more predictable than the other two times around.  That said, as of late our lunch/afternoon times have been used for exploring instead of our regular morning times.  It seems when we get outside, the boys are: hungrier + happier = happy mama.  Nearly every day I’ve just packed our lunch in a cooler and wherever we end up around noon, we eat.  What makes picnicking easy this year is for the sole reason that our spring here has actually been spring.  Maybe it sounds funny to those of you who live south of us, but we don’t typically have a “storybook spring”.  It usually goes from snow-slush-snow-slush then BAM! rain in June to bring July flowers!  Our winter was mild, spring has been perfect … looking forward to a gorgeous summer, indian autumn and hopefully we’ll repeat!

b e i n g  t h e i r  m a m a

I’ll admit, when I’m physically drained, some days it’s hard to give the energy and time I desire to give to my munchkins.  I don’t do all the things I have planned for or we can’t see as many people because I am so pooped.  But yet, even in these quote ‘failures’, I know that being their mama isn’t about what we do or who we see.  They need love, listening ears, warm hugs, attentive eyes, silly songs, kisses on wee hurts … they just need me here with them.  That I CAN do and love every minute of.  When expectations creep in, we can miss what “being” actually is.  I love being their mama.

h a p p y  w e e k e n d

I trust you are all well and hope to be back here a little more than what I have been(!).  This weekend holds so much potential for beauty and life … I pray you find it!  life is full of beauty.  notice it.  notice the bumble bee, the small child, the smiling faces.  smell the rain and feel the wind … Ashley Smith

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