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hello, unmarked week.

PINStarting this week feels like a breath of fresh air.  We had (another) full week last week and this week … just fun plans so far!  We had an awesome weekend celebrating my love’s birthday, went to the mountains to shoot things with the slingshots, and got to watch our Flames play in the playoffs!  This week we’re looking forward to …


Making some home-made fruit roll-ups – I’ve wanted to for a long time now.  We’ll try one of these recipes 1 | 2

Planning out our garden(s) and layout of the yard.

I’ve also been meaning to spruce up some of our indoor plants … this is a simple guide for low maintenance ones.

Hanging out with some friends.

Picnic lunches – some yummy looking recipes over here.

My overambitious goal this week … cleaning out our clothes closets(!).

Judah’s been such a good helper this week.  I think this week we’ll focus on the “right way” to set a table (as usually he just puts the dishes/cutlery/cups in one spot).  We’ll make it a game and I’m sure Hunter will be right in there as well!

Enjoy the beautiful weather that is on the radar.

Catch up on some correspondence (sorry to everyone who hasn’t gotten a reply from me lately!).


God’s mercy is fresh and new every morning … may you all approach each day this week with that thought!


pic pix: from our adventure walk with the boys this weekend, April.2015, K-Country, Alberta

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