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colorboard / no.37



color: red, black, yellow with some turquoise

word of inspiration: Calgary FLAMES!

source of word: Our hometown team is in the first round of the playoffs … what better way to show support(!) than create a color board around the team colors AND add some turquoise to the mix?!  Turquoise brings the colors together in my opinion (wink wink).  I think I’ll always wear some type of turquoise with my jersey now … !!
/1. this is supposed to be for young girls, i’d like one in my size  /2. this clock – need i say more  /3. been looking for a new wallet  /4. also been in the market for a new phone case … found it!  /5. aren’t these just cute as a button?!  of course i could find a use for these scissor buttons  /6. liked the cover of this old classic.  makes me want to re-read it  /7. this belongs around my neck  /8. i will never tire of pouches and little sacs  /9. i just got matt a longboard for his birthday, i think i would like one now too!  /10. classy studs  /11. new campbrand goods spring line essential  /12. think i’m ready to get me some new/old kicks


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