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hello, pleasant week.

PINI know it’s Tuesday, but I still wanted to add a “hello week” for this week.  Like I’ve mentioned before, actually thinking methodically about my weeks and sharing them here has helped me:   1. make realistic goals, and   2. stick to them each week!  I may not do everything every week, but it’s been pretty close.  So, thanks, friends!

As the weather is looking way too beautiful (YES!) we hope to:

. get to our friend’s lake (though we will not be swimming … still too cold!)

. find smiles in all the simple things – like this cute video

. my parents are travelling in Europe right now (so jealous!) and we’ve been talking with the boys about different countries/travelling.  I think we’ll focus on some geography type activities this week.

. more picnics, please!

. figure out which hydrangea bush I am going to plant – they are all too beautiful

. last week, I roughly drew out plans for our backyard.  now, I need to schedule a meeting with my husband (ha! yes truly!) to talk about dreams vs. realities.

. celebrate my sister’s birthday!  I’m trying to find a pink outfit to wear in her honor …

. find a pre-natal yoga class, sign-up and GO!  I’ve been sitting too long.

. still gotta clean out those clothes closets …

. book our 2015 Idaho camping trip!!

. try this yummy looking recipe (along with BBQing every other night).


Have a pleasant week yourselves!


pic pix: last night, sitting outside with my new-to-me picnic blanket, April.2015, at home

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  • April 29, 2015 - 1:21 pm

    Allison Jane - it looks like you have some fun activities planned for the week! mmmm, hydrangea and lilac plants are my favourite! 🙂 Can’t wait to see pictures when your backyard is done. i know it will look amazing!

    love you friend,

    • May 22, 2015 - 12:47 am

      sarah nadine - I can’t wait to see what the backyard looks like after too ☺️!! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, my dear friend!


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